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Case Study

Coffee Automation – L’Anse French Café

December 13, 2021


Tiger Oceania


Staff shortages and keeping up with volume coffee service.


Specialty Café


“The beginning of something great.”

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Having a French background, Marvin and Grace had to do their research, relearn how to do breakfast the “Aussie way” when at the same time they could not find staff and solve many of the covid challenges that were presented to them.

In September 2018, Grace and Marvin established their first premises in Tumby Bay South Australia.

They outgrew their operations in Tumby Bay so in January 2021 decided to expand to Port Lincoln. This was the only logical step forward in their business plan, however, to get there they needed to source automation in both front and back of house operations. It was surely the only way to secure the work life balance they sought as a young family.


Not able to keep up with the volumes of coffee being served, nor provide the consistency of coffee to match the food quality, plus the cost financially and in their home life, everything in the new move needed to be addressed. Starting from scratch with a new location meant a lot of thought went into identifying the problems which were multiple.


After the challenging lessons of Tumby Bay where they were victims of their own success, Grace and Marvin found a technology solution that ticked all the boxes.

It was not about what people thought about equipment, it was all about the result you get at the end.

The Enigma E’4M x Wide Super Traditional machine ticked all those boxes.


“We literally are now able to cook great food, serve consistent quality coffee at high volumes and be home to have a life. this is the beginning of something great.”

Marvin & Grace – Co Founders L’Anse French Café


Come with us on our 3 part mini-series, as we explore how Tiger Oceania worked with L’Anse French Café to not only overcome the COVID challenge, but also how embracing super traditional coffee automation can greatly improve both their high volume in-cup client experience and their lifestyle.

To see the full case study in detail. please download the PDF version here

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Schmick Milk Fridge


Schmick Side Milk Fridge

Glass Door Mini Bar Milk Fridge For Coffee Machines.


A high quality unit with triple glass door and lock, designed specifically to store milk for use with automatic coffee machines.


It is tropical rated and has inner fan for even and stable temperature all year round, long term market proven.








19 kg

Domensions (WxDxH)



41 db

BWT Ultro Fibron Filter

QX1524P Fibron + Scale

BWT Water Filter (Fibron)

From the global BWT group the revolutionary ULTRO Filter System provides premium filtration performance with unequalled flexibility.


Suitable for medium and low volume flow applications the BWT ULTRO is perfect for potable water applications at the point of use including drinking water, water coolers, coffee and beverages.


5 Micron

Use Cases

Coffee, Beverages, Ice


Sediment, Chlorine, Taste/Odour, Scale

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