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Coles Roll Out of Urban Coffee Culture

February 3, 2022


Tiger Oceania


Equipment Several Years Old, High-Volume Needed Best In-Class Technology Update


Petrol & Convenience


Nominated As Supplier Of The Year 2021.

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Through FY21, all Coles Express stores and several Coles supermarkets rebuilt or introduced their in-store coffee offer, pairing the new Eversys Cameo machine from Tiger Oceania .

On Wednesday the 2nd February 2022 Coles Group announced the three finalists and winners of the 2021 Coles Supplier Awards -Tiger Oceania , Coca Cola and Cadbury.

The winner has been announced and Tiger Oceania congratulate Coca Cola on taking out the award and to say Tiger Oceania were excited to be runner up for the Coles Express Supplier of the year award.

“To be in the running to actually win the award amongst some of the industry mega brands is recognition enough.” CEO George Miller said.

Tiger Oceania are proud in playing their part in presenting the highest quality award winning coffee with the most up to date automated coffee machine equipment available on the market.

To be acknowledged by Coles Group for being a major contributor in their Urban Coffee Culture coffee journey, installing 770 machines in 723 Coles Express stores, training and supporting during the pandemic, was more than enough recognition but to be a finalist as Supplier of the Year gives us AMBITION to do even better in 2022, which happens to be “The Year of the Tiger”.

“The customer feedback and results for our business with the new offer has been nothing short of amazing. We can’t wait to see what the future brings with Eversys Cameo.”

Darren Rusden – Category Manager Coffee & Food to Go Coles Express Australia


Watch the Coles Express roll out video below

To find out more about the Coles Express Urban Coffee Culture experience instore go to: https://www.coles.com.au/coles-express/whats-in-store/urban-coffee-culture.

To see the full details. please download the PDF version here

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Schmick Milk Fridge


Schmick Side Milk Fridge

Glass Door Mini Bar Milk Fridge For Coffee Machines.


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5 Micron

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Coffee, Beverages, Ice


Sediment, Chlorine, Taste/Odour, Scale

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