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Case Study

East West Coffee Roasters – Case Study

September 10, 2021


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East West Coffee Roasters was founded by Abdul Aided in Melbourne Australia. The vision behind East West was to supply the West with the best East African coffees. Coming from an East African heritage, it was part of culture to be hospitable.

When a guest enters their homes, the first thing they would do is offer them a cup of tea or coffee. Abdul wanted to bring his culture to the west and what better way to do it than exporting their own produce. They began with the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia and established great relationships with farmers throughout these regions and gained exclusivity of their crop. Fast-forward to 2018, Abdul realised that to accomplish a well-balanced cup, they needed to expand their offering and add coffees from different altitudes and different continents to our catalogue and blends.

Now, East West supply to over 200 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand with their sourced blends. What started with an idea to bring East African culture and produce to the west has expanded rapidly and will continue to expand.


In 2019, East West set out to change the Petrol-station coffee sector. “The perception in Australia and New Zealand of a cup of coffee purchased from a 7-11 or BP was that it was of less quality than the same cup purchased from a café. Although it was a massive task this is what we set out to change. We identified many issues in Australia and New Zealand, for instance in New Zealand there is a massive push for “barista made coffee” but many of the people behind the counter who are so called “Barista’s” have had no barista training. Overheated milk, under extracted shots and ultimately a bad cup of coffee is what the customer is left with.

We began to ponder what we could introduce into this sector which would not eliminate the barista but rather assist the barista and reduce any room for error. After month and months of deliberation we came across the Eversys cameo and we were over the moon. The cameo ticked all the boxes for us, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one.”


The first thing we fell in-love with was the 1.5 step. The machine would froth and aerate the milk to your desired temperature, all the baristas must do is place the jug underneath the
steam arm and the machine would do the rest, eliminating any room for error by the barista.

The Cameo has a recipe configuration (ETC configuration) which is like dosage and yield in a traditional machine. We entered our desired dosage (cake thickness) and the machine found the perfect yield for us – all by itself. It didn’t stop there, the ever-foam steam arm allowed us to use alternative milks such as soy and almond. We had finally found what we were searching for. The built-in telemetry in the Cameo was a game changer for us. Data is key for any growth in any business, especially in hospitality. The

telemetry gave us the ability to pull data such as what are our peak times, our most sold beverages, and other key factors such as when the machine was last cleaned. We could then act upon these results and make changes where necessary.

We have now been working with Eversys machinery for just over 12 months and couldn’t
be happier. Although the pandemic made it difficult for us, we managed to install 15 machines and expect to double that number in Some of the improvements we discovered were consistency, efficiency and overall productivity increased dramatically and we also received great feedback from our regular customers on espresso flavours and all milk-based coffee’s

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