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Eversys Legacy – Eversys’ Newest Commercial Coffee Machine

May 3, 2022


Tiger Oceania

Eversys Legacy Commercial Coffee Machine
The New Eversys Legacy Commercial Coffee Machine

Legacy by Eversys was launched at Internorga in Hamburg on Saturday the 30th April 2022. The Legacy performs as functions as a 1-step machine with new innovations including up to 4 grinders and an integrated powder unit for multipurpose beverage service.

The timing of this new release is perfect for the Australasian marketplace where Tiger Oceania, the official distributor of Eversys Oceania have been working on superior support solutions when serving specialty coffee in specific environments, namely the out of home /office, coffee on the go and self-serve locations.

The new Eversys Legacy commercial coffee machine will allow the local, national and regional networks of in house trained Tiger technicians to plan and ultimately deliver an in-cup experience that supports consumers wanting to experience quality, consistent coffee at the touch of a button. In today’s market a solution means a business needs to plan with trusted partners and invest in future technology to overcome the realities of todays limited workforce and adapt to the new location’s coffee consumers are expecting to find a good coffee.

This is where Legacy by Eversys has been specifically designed to offer the production and choice of four different types of coffee in an office, QSR, Convenience/ Petrol stations and small coffee chains in a self-service format is so timely for what is happening in today’s market.

To learn more about how Tiger Oceania will be supporting the new Eversys Legacy release please download our quick market advantage analysis here. To learn more about the specifications of this exciting new machine visit the official announcement page here.

Tiger Oceania has already placed forward orders for delivery of the new Eversys Legacy commercial machine for the Oceania market, with delivery expected in early 2023. For any further information please reach out and contact us at letstalkcoffee@tigeroceania.com

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