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How Basecamp North Lakes Transformed Their Café Business with the Enigma Super Traditional Coffee Machine

March 7, 2022


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Labour costs were not manageable for the size of the café’




An unprofitable business to profitable business

Opening a café at the onset of COVID-19 presented a daunting challenge: transforming an unprofitable venture into a thriving business. For Basecamp North Lakes, known for serving some of the finest specialty coffee in Australia, replacing a traditional 3-head manual machine with standalone grinders, weighing scales, and other equipment was a significant hurdle. However, everything changed with the installation of the Enigma Super Traditional custom-designed coffee machine.

The Challenge: Improving Profitability Amidst a Pandemic

Running a café that struggles to break even, especially when food and beverage sales volumes are sufficient, necessitates a thorough analysis of business costs. Basecamp North Lakes faced the challenge of finding equipment that could save bench space, improve yields, and ensure perfect coffee, all while keeping the barista happy. Resistance to change within a business is common, making this task even more daunting.

The Solution: Embracing Advanced Coffee Technology

Recent advancements in coffee machine technology offered by Eversys have revolutionized espresso delivery, milk handling, and water filtration. Several options now exist to automate parts or all of the coffee-making process, such as Puc Press, Perfect Moose, and Uber Milk. Basecamp North Lakes opted for the Eversys Enigma Super Traditional coffee machine and a milk bladder refrigeration system.

This innovative setup allowed the café to speed up coffee delivery without compromising quality. The business quickly returned to profitability, thanks to labor savings and significant productivity gains in coffee and milk usage.

By making the same number of coffees with 20-30 kg of coffee beans instead of 30-40 kg, Basecamp North Lakes achieved remarkable cost efficiency. “We are getting more out of less,” remarked Paul Crossland, highlighting the impressive results.

Eversys Enigma E6s ST front

Why the Enigma Super Traditional Coffee Machine?

  • Space Efficiency: The Enigma Super Traditional saves valuable bench space, a crucial factor for any bustling café.
  • Improved Yields: Enhanced technology ensures more coffee is extracted from fewer beans, reducing overall costs.
  • Consistency: The machine guarantees a perfect coffee every time, delighting both baristas and customers.
  • Automation: By automating parts of the coffee-making process, the café could focus on other areas of service, enhancing overall efficiency.


For café owners struggling to balance quality and profitability, the Enigma Super Traditional coffee machine presents a game-changing solution. Basecamp North Lakes’ experience demonstrates how embracing advanced coffee technology can lead to significant cost savings and improved business performance.

Investing in cutting-edge coffee equipment not only enhances the quality of your offerings but also ensures your business can thrive even in challenging times. If you’re looking to transform your café’s profitability while maintaining exceptional coffee standards, consider the Enigma Super Traditional coffee machine.

To learn more about the Enigma Super Traditional and discover how the right coffee machine can revolutionize your business, contact us at: LetsTalkCoffee@eversysoceania.com and Let’s Talk Coffee!

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